Lord, give me patience! (1)

Many of you will have heard the apocryphal story of a man who was heard to pray, Lord, give me patience but I want it NOW! We are living in an increasingly restless world. We have been called upon to exercise great patience in the face of the Covid19 pandemic and, in general, people around the world rose to the challenge in the early days. Sadly, we have seen the patience of many of them, including the political leaders, growing thin as they long for a return to some degree of normality.

It is encouraging to know that, in the midst of the growing tide of restlessness, we can turn to a patient God. The apostle Paul refers in the Bible to the GOD OF PATIENCE, Romans chapter 15 verse 5 and the prophet Jeremiah spoke of God’s ‘ENDURING PATIENCE, Jeremiah chapter 15 verse 15. Let each one of us today meditate upon the degree of patience that we show in our lives and ask God to give us the grace to be more patient.

Let us meditate today on some of the reasons why we become impatient; for example:

  • when we are facing suffering and grief;
  • when we are dealing with those people who annoy us;
  • when our faith is being tested;
  • when we are being exploited by others, e.g., unscrupulous employers;
  • when God appears to be silent and not answering our prayers;
  • when we cannot see how God can help us resolve a difficult issue;
  • when we become self-centered and inward looking;
  • when we become defeatist;
  • when it seems the wicked are ‘getting away’ with their evil ways and the innocent are suffering;
  • when it seems as if God is working too slowly.

If one, or more, of these things are invading our thoughts today, humbly ask Him to give us grace to be PATIENT with Him, with others and with the adverse circumstances that we may be facing. He will always hear us and answer, in His time!