A Unique Birth (1)

The word ‘unique’ is frequently misused to describe a person or an event. The dictionary definition of it is: being the only one of its kind; having no like or equal; incomparable. Indeed, the more you seek to define it, the more you will realise how often it is used inappropriately.

Nevertheless, we are on safe ground in our meditations this week, when we consider Jesus Christ. Everything about Him is UNIQUE!

Consider His birth. Statisticians tell us that around 140 million babies are born every year in the world. It is amazing to think that out of those that have been born, only One stands out, apart from all the rest. Jesus’s birth was UNIQUE and therefore He is UNIQUE.

When God created Adam, he was an innocent man, Genesis chapter 1 verses 2-28, i.e. he did not know the difference between good and evil. God told him that he could eat of every tree in the Garden of Eden, except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Genesis chapter 2 verses 15-17. The penalty for disobedience would be death, verse 17. Adam disobeyed God, lost his innocence and became a fallen man. From that point onwards, his sin passed to all mankind and every child of the millions born has been fallen.

Thankfully, the story did not end there! A unique event has taken place and a unique child was born, i.e. Jesus Christ. God bypassed the mainstream of human sin and brought Him into the world born of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin and, therefore, born holy, Luke chapter 1 verses 34-37. Unlike all others, He is the only Holy Man to be born , i.e. born without and incapable of sin. Therefore, He was able to die on the cross and take the judgment for our sin that we might find forgiveness and peace with God.