We Are Come To Worship (1)

Suggested reading: Matthew chapter 2 verses 1-12

The visit of the wise men to see ‘He who has been born King of the Jews’, verse 2, presents us with a number of challenges regarding WORSHIP:

The first mention of ‘worship’ in the Bible involved a journey, Genesis chapter 22 verse 5. Abram (Abraham) got up early and made a three-day journey to the land of Moriah. On arrival he climbed a mountain to worship.

The wise men probably travelled from Persia or Babylon to worship, a journey of some 3-4 months. They left their home behind; indeed, the nearer they got to their destination, the further they were away from home. Are you and I prepared to ‘put ourselves out’ to worship God and the Lord Jesus? It might not involve a physical journey, but a ‘spiritual one’; nevertheless, everything else has to give way to our prime desire to worship. How far are you prepared to go this Christmas time to ‘come and worship’ God for the love He has shown to us in sending His Son to be our Saviour?

All kinds of people will be worshipped this Christmas. Footballers and entertainers will be among those that will be the focus of adoration. However, all of these are capable of disappointing / failing us and cannot save us from our sins. Only one Person inspired the wise men to worship – Jesus Christ! Their burning question was, ‘Where is HE . . . we have seen HIS star in the East, and are come to WORSHIP HIM’, Matthew chapter 2 verse 2. We discover, ‘when they were come into the house, THEY SAW THE YOUNG CHILD with Mary His mother, and fell down and WORSHIPPED HIM’, Matthew chapter 2 verse 11. Jesus Christ is the only Person, who deserves the worship of our hearts. Worship is about a Person, not a place or people.

To be continued.