Exploring The Gates (5)

Suggested reading: Nehemiah chapter 3 verses 1-32

It is not surprising that as we travel along the Eastern wall of the city, we reach the WATER GATE. If a ‘fountain’ speaks of a well springing up, ‘still water’ speaks of the WORD OF GOD (THE Bible).

David said in his well-loved psalm, ‘He leadeth me beside the STILL WATERS’, Psalm 23 verse 2. Both the Word of God and the Holy Spirit play active roles in our salvation, Titus chapter 3 verse 5. It is of interest to know that this was the only Gate that Nehemiah did not have to build or repair in chapter 3 on his return to lead the rebuilding programme in Jerusalem following the exile. It reminds us that men can never damage or destroy the Word of God – it is complete, inspired and indestructible! We will never have to repair or renovate it.

Warren Wiersbe, a well respected Bible teacher, now in heaven, once wrote, ‘The Christian pathway is not a playground but a battleground!’ Any true Christian will bear testimony to the truth of this statement. Once we trust Christ as Saviour, we soon discover that there is a battle to be fought and enemies to overcome, if we are to experience a rich and victorious spiritual life for God. This is an essential, not an optional, part of God’s Plan of salvation for us; therefore, we discover that there is a HORSE GATE in the wall. The horse is associated with power, strength and warfare. Paul said to a young man, Timothy, ‘Fight the good fight of faith’, 1 Timothy chapter 6 verse 12 and again, ‘Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ’, 2 Timothy chapter 2 verse 3.

How are you getting on in the battle?