Verse For Today

Obil the Ishmaelite was over the camels, Jehdeiah the Meronothite was over the donkeys” 1 Chronicles chapter 27 verse 30.

Well this is an unusual Verse for Today! Not what is usually written. That is what I thought but then I felt bad to think I would consider any part of the inspired Scriptures less important than others or even not important at all. I find it tempting when reading lists of names and families in the Bible to pass over them as they do not mean anything to me and Chronicles is like that. However, I was encouraged to remember:

• God placed those names there in our Bible.
• God values each of those individuals and so should I, even Obil and Jehdeiah.
• These men and women were busy in their workplace and God saw it.
• Even though overlooked by most, God saw even camels and the donkeys and those who cared for them.
• These folk matter to God.

And so do you and I, we all matter to God. We have work and duties to do today. Let us remember there is One Who sees us and is interested in both who we are and what we do.

Happy Monday! Keep busy, you matter to God!