Be Compassionate! (5)

Suggested reading: Luke chapter 7 verses 11-18.

There is no place more in need of a display of COMPASSION than a funeral. Today we meet a funeral procession coming out of the attractive city of Nain. The intimate details Luke gives us heighten the sadness of the occasion. We learn that ‘a dead man was being carried out, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow’, verse 12. We also discover that the son was young, when he died, verse 14. It is little wonder that the heart of the community went out to her in her need, verse 14. Nevertheless, none of the mourners could fully feel her grief or show the compassion she stood in need of. Thankfully, all this changed with the arrival of Jesus.

Firstly, we read that ‘the Lord saw her’, verse 13. The crowds did not distract Him. He saw the only person that really mattered. Although He is now in heaven, it is a comfort to know that He still sees us in our need.

Secondly, ‘He had COMPASSION’ on her, verse 13 He was the only One in the vast crowd, who could truly suffer with her. He too was the only Son of His Father in heaven and also knew what it was to weep. He had the power to wipe the tears away.

Thirdly, He ‘touched (grasped on to) the open coffin’, verse 14. He identified Himself with the death represented there. He could not be contaminated by it; indeed, it is a picture of Calvary, where He ‘tasted death’ for us, so that we might find forgiveness of sins and eternal life, Hebrews chapter 2 verse 9.

Fourthly, His words gave life. He said, ‘Young man, I say unto you, arise’, verse 14 and death released its prey, verse 15!

You too can experience this same COMPASSION that brings salvation through faith in Him!