It’s Who You Know That Counts! (2/3)

Suggested reading: John chapter 9 verses 1-41
This incident of the man born blind provides ample evidence that it is not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that counts! The religious leaders’ knowledge knew no bounds and yet they leave the incident as ignorant as when they entered it.

The blind man knew very little. Initially, all he knew was that A MAN had healed him. He had simply done what Jesus asked of him and he received his sight, verse 11. He was not afraid or ashamed to say, ‘I DO NOT KNOW’, verse 12; whereas, the religious leaders confidently declared, ‘WE KNOW that this Man is a sinner’, verse 24.

It is interesting to know that the religious leaders, who claimed to know everything, were perplexed when they came face to face with a changed life. It is our changed lives that will challenge those who do not believe in Jesus, not how much knowledge we have.
The Pharisees were unable to answer the most important questions of all, i.e. about who Jesus was and what He had done to the man. When he told them, they would not believe him, verse 18. Both the man and his parents were prepared to admit that they did not know all the answers. However, he was prepared to say, ‘One thing I know, that though I was blind, now I see’.

The blind man, now seeing, could have taught the learned men so much about Jesus had they been willing to listen, verse 27. When I trusted Christ at 15 years of age, I did not know much about Him or the Bible, but one thing I knew was that my sin had blinded me from seeing who Christ was; however, by faith, my eyes had been opened to see that He was the Son of God, verse 35 and I came to know Him as my Saviour. Have you?