Prove The Reality Of Your Faith! (2/3)


Suggested reading: James chapter 3
Although the focus of our meditations in three of our meditations this week is on the importance of what we do, James also reminds us that it does matter what we say! Even though the tongue is a small member of the body, it is very powerful. It is like a spark that can set a whole forest on fire, verse 5!

The potential that the tongue can be for good is seen in the image of the bit in the horse’s mouth or the rudder of a great ship, verses 3-4. Although they are both small, they can control an entire horse and ship respectively. The bit secures a horse’s obedience and the rudder secures a ship’s safety through stormy seas. Similarly, a controlled tongue can produce obedience in all areas of our life and bring blessing to those passing through troubled times.

The language used to describe the uncontrolled tongue makes for disturbing reading: a fire, a world of iniquity, sets on fire the course of nature, unruly evil and deadly poison, verse 6 & 8. It can be used to bless God and curse men! If we fail to control our tongues, envy and strife will mark every aspect of our lives.

Let us pray today that the indwelling Holy Spirit will enable us to display in our words and our works, ‘the wisdom that is from above’, verse 17. This wisdom is pure, peace-loving, gentle, willing to listen, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. It will, most certainly, enable us to show our faith by our works!