Ask! (2/3)

/Suggested Reading: 1 Kings chapter 3 verses 1-15

In a previous meditation we focused on the time when God instructed King Solomon to ‘ASK!’, verse 5. We noted that God loves us to ASK of Him, because He also loves to give. We also observed that we miss out on so much blessing, if we fail to ASK.

Let us meditate on Solomon’s experience today and learn from him what would stimulate us to ASK more often than we do:

  1. Understand that God speaks to us. It was God’s voice that stimulated Solomon to ASK. When God spoke to him, he heard. Have we heard the precious promises that God has given to us in His Word? One writer has put it like this: ‘God’s Word does us good, when it furnishes us with matters for prayer and excites us to it!’
  2. Appreciate that God is generous, verse 13. Solomon discovered that God loves to give, if we ASK; indeed, He gives us over and above what we ASK! In effect, God says to us, as He did to Solomon, ‘All you have to do is ASK!’ Paul said, ‘God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think’, Ephesians chapter 3 verse 20.
  3. Know that we have a faithful God, verse 6. Solomon knew that God had kept His promises to his father, David; therefore, there was no reason to doubt that He would not do the same in the future for him. In the light of this, we can learn to pray and ASK with confidence for Him to bless us.
  4. A genuine concern for others, verse 8. Solomon had a genuine concern for the welfare of God’s people – he referred to them as ‘chosen’ and ‘great’. If we had the same appreciation today for our fellow believers, it would drive us to prayer for them and to ASK great things of God on their behalf!

If we meditated on these things, it would stimulate us to ASK things from God time and time again!