Ray’s Rescue Boat
Ray’s Rescue Boat

On holiday in Devon, recently, I noticed a boat on the quayside edge of a river estuary. It bore the name, ‘Ray’s Rescue Boat’ and was well positioned to fulfil its purpose. However, in spite of its attractiveness, it was of no use, as it was filled with earth and a display of flowers. I don’t know if it ever rescued Ray, but it is now unfit to rescue anyone!

A short while ago, a report appeared in a newspaper, entitled ‘Noah’s Ark declared unseaworthy’. It related to a life-size replica of the Ark, built in Holland. It had been towed across the channel to south-east England for display. At the time for its return, it was declared to be unfit for the voyage!

There was no such difficulty with the Ark that Noah built. It was constructed to God’s specifications, so that it would be the perfect ‘rescue vessel’ from the flood of His judgement on mankind for their wickedness against Him. Sadly, only eight people entered into it, plus two of each living creature; therefore, they were the only ones, who were saved.

Many years later, Jesus said, ‘As it was in the days of Noah, so also shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man’. A further day of judgement is coming and ultimately, ‘we shall ALL give and account of ourselves to God’, based on His holy standards, which are beyond our powers to meet. Therefore, we might well ask, ‘Is there any hope for us?’ Just as God provided the Ark, He has also made it possible for each one of us to be rescued from the consequences of our sin and rebellion against Him. Our salvation is to be found in a PERSON – JESUS CHRIST! The BIBLE tells us, ‘The Father sent the Son , to be the Saviour of the world’. If we turn in repentance to God and believe that Christ died for our sins on the cross, we will be safe for eternity!