Compassion . . . For The Widow

Reading: Luke chapter 7 verses 11-18
Luke paints a heart-rending scene for us in his Gospel. As we approach NAIN, we meet a funeral procession. A young man, the only son of his widowed mother, has died and is being carried out for burial. Suddenly, the gloom lifts with the arrival of the Lord Jesus!

The Lord saw her, verse 13. A crowd of mourners did not distract Him. His eyes were fixed on a distraught widow woman. It reminds us that He is now in heaven, surrounded by angelic hosts, but He sees those of us who need Him, however insignificant we might feel.
The Lord had COMPASSION on her, verse 13. He was the only one in the vast crowd who knew exactly how she felt. He could truly ‘suffer with her’. Indeed, it is good to know that we have a Saviour in heaven, who has wept, toiled, mourned and died on our behalf. He has lived here where we live!
The Lord wiped away her tears, verse 13. The mourners might well have thought that His words to her about not weeping were harsh and insensitive. Nevertheless, they would soon see that He had the power to wipe the tears away!
The Lord touched (grasped on to) the coffin, verse 14. No self-respecting Jew would have done this for fear of defilement. However, He was able to identify Himself with the uncleanness that was there, He was holy and incapable of being defiled.
The Lord spoke words of life, verse 14. ‘Young man, I say to you, arise’. Death could never gain the victory in His presence! All the widow had to do was to receive the gift of life. All we have to do is to praise God for the COMPASSION shown towards us, through the death and resurrection of Christ!