Victory (3/3)

SHAMGAR – Judges chapter 3 verse 31
Some authors refer to SHAMGAR as a ‘minor judge (saviour). It is just as well for Christians that the assessment of our service does not rest on the ill-informed opinions of others but on the righteous estimate of God. Whatever conclusions we might reach about Shamgar, the record of the Bible is, ‘he ALSO delivered Israel’, verse 31.

His origins. He was ‘the son of Anath’, a Gentile name, which suggests that he came from a pagan background. He was a humble ploughman; yet, the grace and mercy of God gave him a place in Israel’s history. It is not the vessel, but what God puts into the vessel, that counts.

His exploits. There are some outstanding personalities in the book of Judges. Their names are well known and their exploits for God have been remembered down the generations, e.g. Caleb, Gideon, Samson. Shamgar slew only 600 Philistines, one of Israel’s greatest enemies. What difference did that make in the great scheme of things? God records in the Bible that ‘he ALSO delivered Israel’. God considers no VICTORY achieved for Him as insignificant. The service of the humblest Christian is remembered, recognised, recorded and rewarded in heaven. Some of the great men of God in the history of the nation of Israel, including King David, fought against the Philistines and achieved memorable victories against them. However, Shamgar ALSO delivered the people with his victories against them, not with the help of an army of hundreds but with the despised instrument of an ox goad that was used for prodding stubborn oxen into action!

His victory. SHAMGAR did for God what he could, with what he had and God honoured him for it by giving him the VICTORY. Are you prepared to do the same?