Devotion To David (2/3)

Reading: 1 Samuel chapter 18

LOVE FOR DAVID is mentioned on three occasions in 1 Samuel chapter 18:

JONATHAN LOVED him as his own soul’, verse 1. We will consider this remarkable love further in our next meditation. It was a love that developed over time and challenges us as to whether our love for the Lord Jesus has done the same.

But ALL ISRAEL AND JUDAH LOVED David’, verse 16. Israel (10 tribes in the north of the country) and Judah (2 tribes in the south of the country) were not only divided geographically but also in many other ways. They even followed separate lines of kings. Judah was faithful in following God’s chosen Davidic line, whereas Israel rebelled and chose its own line of wicked kings. A country divided against itself cannot stand; therefore, ultimately, they were both defeated by foreign invaders and led into seventy years of exile. If they had both remained united in love for David, the disasters that followed would have been avoided. If disunity is found among Christians, the root of the problem is often found to be a lack of love for the Lord Jesus. It is, indeed, heartbreaking to witness the current bitterness, hatred and bloodshed in the land to which He came to bring the gospel (good news) of God’s love to all mankind.

And MICHAL, Saul’s daughter, loved David’, verse 20. Love for the Lord Jesus provides the solid foundation that is required for a sound natural and spiritual relationship between a husband and wife. Sadly, only the natural aspect was seen in Michal’s ‘love’ for David. She had a greater affinity with her unspiritual father, Saul, who God had to reject, than she did with David. We will consider her again in a future meditation. Let us examine our love for the Lord Jesus to ensure that it is spiritual, genuine and true!