Devotion To David (1/3)

In three of our previous meditations, we considered God’s description of David as ‘a man after my own heart’, Acts chapter 13 verse 22. Inevitably, such a man drew out the affections of others towards him. Firstly, let us think about a remarkable woman called ABIGAIL, 1 Samuel chapter 25. Her name means, ‘the father’s joy / delight’. She certainly brought joy to David’s heart at a difficult time. Samuel, one of the few bright lights of the day, had died, verse 1. David felt the loss of this spiritual man; therefore, he sought out the solitude of the wilderness. It was here that he met ABIGAIL, who stood out like a jewel against the dark backdrop of her husband’s foolishness in rejecting David’s request for help and support. She was of good understanding (inwardly) and of a beautiful countenance (outwardly), verse 3. She showed great wisdom in dealing with a delicate situation.

She listened to a young man’s concerns about the dangerous position Nabal’s response had put everyone in, verses 14-17. Although his comments were forthright, he was confident that he could approach her and obtain sound judgment, irrespective of family ties. Abigail understood the seriousness of rejecting a man ‘after God’s own heart’.

Unlike her husband, Abigail gave generously of her possessions, when David needed them, verse 18. Nabal believed that his possessions belonged only to him, whereas Abigail understood that they belonged to God and His chosen king. She also knew where to find David and the right way in which to approach him, i.e. humbly and reverently. She was even prepared to identify herself with Nabal’s failings of her husband.

No one looked less like a king at this time than David; nevertheless, Abigail had the vision to see that he was the rightful king and was devoted in her loyalty to him. David drew out the love of her heart and she did the same to him. It is no surprise to discover that, following Nabal’s death, she became David’s wife!