David’s Heart (3/3)

Suggested reading: 1 Samuel chapter 30 verses 1-24

David’s heart for his people
Today’s meditation reveals the depths of David’s heart for the subjects of his kingdom; however, primarily, he knew they belonged to God and it was this fact that dictated his love for them. We would do well to emulate this same love towards fellow Christians.

The city of Ziklag had been attacked by Israel’s enemies, the Amalekites, burnt with fire and the women and children taken captive. David’s response befitted ‘the man after God’s heart’. Tears expressed what words could never tell; indeed, he wept until he could weep no more, v.4. Sadly, as is often the case in these situations, the people turned on David, the one who loved them the most. They even spoke of stoning him to death! It would have been so easy for him to have treated them in the same manner and hardened his heart towards them; nevertheless, he took a much more constructive approach. He encouraged (strengthened) himself by turning to God, verse 6. Once he had done this, it was impossible to turn back to the people with anything other than a forgiving and understanding heart!

One of the most impressive aspects of David’s character in this incident was the KINDNESS OF HEART that he showed towards those who were not strong enough to pursue the Amalekites and recover what belonged to them. When he saw that they were unable (not unwilling) to go into battle, his heart went out in sympathy towards them and he allowed them to remain behind; furthermore, he gave them an equal share of the spoils of victory on his return, verse 24. Many in his army were much less generous towards them and adopted a negative response, verse 22. They failed to recognise that God had given them the victory and it was not down to their prowess!

May we always remember what we have received. Jesus asked ‘This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you’ John chapter 15 verse 12.