What Shall I Do? (3/3)

So far this week we have considered two men, who asked the question, ‘WHAT SHALL I DO?’, as they faced momentous decisions. In conclusion, we meet the owner of a vineyard, in a parable Jesus told, who asked the same question, Luke chapter 20 verses 9-16.

The owner planted a vineyard that he let out to vinedressers, while he went away. At the time of fruit-bearing, he sent three servants to collect the fruit, but they beat them and sent them away.
This led the owner, therefore, to ask the question, ‘WHAT SHALL I DO?’, verse 13, but not because he was devoid of answers. He already had a plan: ‘I will send my beloved son. It may be they will respect him when they see him’, verse 13. However, such was the wickedness of the vinedressers’ hearts that they cast the son out of the vineyard and killed him, which resulted in their judgement.

As well as being a message to the nation of Israel, the parable also speaks to all of us today. When God planted the garden of Eden at the time of the Creation, He put Adam there to tend it, Genesis chapter 2 verses 8. Sadly, Adam and Eve, his wife, rebelled against God and sin entered into the world, marring God’s creation; indeed, through Adam, sin passed to all mankind. Nevertheless, God is compassionate, and He had a plan of salvation. Throughout history He has sent His servants to speak about this plan, but people have consistently rejected the message and even killed many of the messengers. Last of all, He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to be the Saviour of mankind but most have rejected Him, ultimately crucifying Him on a cross. Yet, in grace, God is still offering forgiveness and a home in heaven, if men and women turn to Him and trust Jesus as their Saviour. What a prospect; nevertheless, judgement awaits those who continue to reject His salvation, Revelation chapter 20 verse 15.

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