What Shall I Do? (1/3)

Most, if not all, of us face dilemmas every day that lead us to ask the question, ‘WHAT SHALL I DO?’ The decisions we make in answer to this question often have important and far-reaching outcomes. It is a question which was on the lips of a variety of individuals in the Bible and the conclusions that they reached in answer to it may prove beneficial and a challenge to ourselves as we consider three of them this week.

One man in the New Testament was faced with the most important dilemma that anyone can be faced with in their life. It led him to ask, ‘WHAT THEN SHALL I DO WITH JESUS WHO IS CALLED CHRIST?’ He was Pilate, the Roman Governor in Jerusalem, during the last week of Christ’s life on earth. His first mistake was to ask the wrong people for their view as to what he should do. Those who had brought Jesus to him for judgement shouted, ‘Let Him be crucified!’, Matthew chapter 27 verse 22. These people were motivated by the religious leaders, who wanted Jesus out of their lives, because He challenged everything they stood for. Indeed, Pilate ‘knew that they had handed Him over because of envy’, Matthew chapter 27 verse 18. He also failed to listen to the warning of his wife, ‘Have nothing to do with that just Man, for I have suffered many things today in a dream because of Him’, Matthew chapter 27 verse 19. He confessed that Jesus had done no evil and was not guilty of death. Nevertheless, when he saw that he could not prevail, he scourged Jesus and delivered Him for crucifixion. He symbolically washed his hands to claim his innocence, but he made the wrong decision. He will live with the consequences of this in a lost eternity!

The right decision for all of us is to trust Christ, who came to save sinners. ‘WHAT WILL YOU DO?’ For more information, please contact us. We will gladly send you a Bible and other helpful literature. We will pray for you. Come back again for another Message of Hope.