Where is the lamb for a burnt offering? Genesis 22.7

In this question we are focused upon one of the most remarkable and best loved stories of the Old Testament. In that narrative we see a willing victim, namely Isaac, who was ready to be sacrificed upon an altar so that his father could be obedient to God. We also have a prophetic anticipation in the answer to the above question and therefore attention is drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ. Ultimately the Lamb was provided by God, many hundreds of years later, when His Son died upon the cross at Calvary in order to be our Saviour.

A Profound Question
Isaac could see that they had almost everything necessary to make an offering to the Lord, namely the wood and the fire. He was clearly familiar with his father’s approach in worship to God but something important was missing and that was the animal for sacrifice. The lamb was not present. Little did he realise then that Abraham was ready to offer him up to God in a supreme act of utter devotion. However, the intended victim was substituted by a ram which was caught in a thicket and so that animal was sacrificed instead of Isaac. When we think of Christ we realise that He died instead of us. He was our substitute and died the death we deserved to die.

A Prophetic Implication
We notice that Isaac’s question was about a lamb. Yet the substitute was a ram which means a full grown male sheep. So that was not ultimately the lamb God would supply for a burnt offering. The Lord Jesus is described as ‘The Lamb of God’ and as ‘the One who would take away the sins of the world’ John chapter 1v29. He was the true sacrifice who could by His death deal eternally and finally with the deepest human need which is the sinfulness of humankind.

Today we thank God for The Lamb who was without blemish and spot. The sinless Son of God was willing to lay down His life so that we, who are sinners, might live eternally. This is the glorious message that leads to life, forgiveness and hope and it needs to be proclaimed so that all the world may hear it.

Praise God for such a Lamb, such a Saviour. Do you know Him? For more information, please contact us. We will gladly send you a Bible and other helpful literature. We will pray for you. Come back again for another Message of Hope.