A Girl Named Rhoda

It is during challenging times that we often turn to prayer as a LAST resort; however, the Bible teaches us that prayer ought to be our FIRST resort in times of need!

We would do well to face up to the following questions at the present time of unrest:

• Is prayer my FIRST RESORT in time of need?
• Do I believe in the POWER OF PRAYER?

To help us in our meditation, I invite you to consider a young girl in Jerusalem in the 1st century, called RHODA. We first meet her at a time of great need and unrest in Jerusalem, Acts chapter 12 verses 2-3. Herod had killed James with the sword and also imprisoned Peter. As a FIRST resort, the Christians in the city turned to prayer, verses 5 &12. They did not have the answer to the perilous position Peter was in, so they turned to God to pray for his release and safe-keeping.

A large group of them met, Rhoda was also present. Along with the rest, she believed in the importance of prayer; however, she went an important step further than most of them. She also believed in the power of prayer.

Little did this company know that, while they were praying, God had answered their prayer and miraculously brought about Peter’s release from prison, verses 5-10. He made his way to Mary’s house and knocked on the door, verse 13. Clearly, Rhoda went to the prayer meeting, believing that God not only hears, but answers prayer. She was the first to respond to Peter’s knocking, verses 13-14. She did not even need to see him face to face, initially. While others present were sceptical and even cast doubt on her sanity, verse 15, she persisted in bearing testimony to the power of prayer.

Let us thank God for the gift of prayer and, like Rhoda, have the faith to believe that God answers.