Good Works And Charitable Deeds

Acts chapter 9 verses 36-43
Many remarkable women light up the pages of the Bible. Let us consider three of them this week.
Today’s meditation leads us to a busy sea-port, thirty five miles from Jerusalem, called Joppa. Many precious cargoes have come into its harbour, including timber for building the Temple and Solomon’s palace
Sadly, conditions changed at the beginning of the 1st century. Widows and orphans were to be found living in great poverty as a result of husbands and fathers lost at sea. The needs of the local community were immense and cried out for help. One person who rose to the challenge was Tabitha (Dorcas). She was ‘full of good works and charitable deeds’, verse 36. COULD THAT BE SAID OF EACH ONE OF US IN OUR LOCAL COMMUNITIES?

If you were to ask some of the residents in Joppa what Tabitha had done to leave her mark on the local community, they would have shown you tunics and garments that she had made for widows and orphans. Put simply, she did for God what she could, with what she had and God honoured her for it. Indeed, that is all God requires of us in our devastated local communities at this time. HAVE YOU AND I RISEN TO THE CHALLENGE? Have we done for God what we can, with what we have in our devastated local communities during the current pandemic?

It is no surprise to discover that when Tabitha died, she was greatly missed; so much so that the inhabitants of Joppa wanted her back with them! They even sent for Peter, who was in the area, in the belief that he could raise her back to life. When he arrived, they wept and showed him the garments she had made. Their affection for her was genuine. WHAT KIND OF IMPRESSION HAVE WE MADE ON OUR LOCAL COMMUNITIES? WILL WE BE MISSED, WHEN WE LEAVE THIS SCENE?

Only one life, ‘twill soon be past; only what’s done for God will last. May, by God’s grace, our lives be for His glory and for blessing to others.