‘If The Son Makes You Free’ (3)

In our third meditation on FREEDOM this week, we enter a Jewish synagogue on the Sabbath, Luke chapter 13 verses 10 -17. Jesus is teaching and there is a woman present, who is longing for FREEDOM. She is a sad sight – she is ‘bent over’, verse 11, and has been so for eighteen years. Indeed, there is little hope for her, as she ‘could in no way raise herself up’, verse 11. Luke, the writer of this Gospel, is a doctor and understands her desperate plight. The expression ‘bent over’ means ‘completely overcome’, i.e. she is bent double! She never knows what it is to gaze into the sky above. Certainly, she is beyond Luke’s help.

Most of the congregation do not notice her; indeed, many consider that she should not even be here. They believe that she is in this condition, because of some sin she, or her parents, have committed. One Person is the exception and stands out from the rest! Unlike others, He sees her and calls her to Him. He knows that she is bound by Satan and needs to be set FREE. Graciously, Jesus says, ‘Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity’, verse 12. We watch as He lays His hands on her and, miraculously, she is immediately made straight and glorifies God, verse 12-13. Along with others we have meditated on this week, she goes away knowing that ‘if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed’, John chapter 8 verse 36. How sad that the leader of the synagogue was critical of what took place, instead of glorifying God too and believing on the Lord Jesus!

What sin and Satan did to this woman, physically, they have done to each one of us, spiritually. The moment we are born; we are completely in their power and we are helpless to do anything about it. We can be freed from this ‘lockdown’ through faith in the Lord Jesus, Who died to save us.