‘If The Son Makes You Free’ (1)

I am sitting in my study composing this meditation within 30 minutes of the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, making a televised broadcast. He will tell us when, and how, he plans to release us from the long period of lockdown through which we have been passing in order to overcome the global pandemic.

I think we can say, with a considerable degree of confidence, that what he has to say will be hedged about with a great deal of uncertainty. Undoubtedly, he will outline what the Government hopes to do but circumstances may well change and lead to adjustments being made. Many people are asking whether he can guarantee that this will be the last lockdown to be imposed on the country. Again, no assurances can be given about this.

Contrast this with the absolute assurance of the words of Jesus: ‘Most assuredly, I say to you . . . if the Son makes you FREE, you shall be FREE indeed’, John chapter 8 verses 34 & 36. These are words in which we can have complete trust, because they were spoken by the Son of God. The UK Prime Minister and other world leaders talk about freedom from a virus but Jesus spoke of freedom from sin. He made it clear that those did not believe that He was the Son of God would ‘die in your sins’, John chapter 8 verse 24. He said, ‘whoever commits sin is a slave of sin’, John chapter 8 verse 24. We can be completely free from the bondage and death that sin brings, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died to save us.

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