Crossing The Restless Sea (2)

We noted in a previous meditation that the sea is a picture of the restless nations that engulf us in the world – nations that constantly seek peace but find that it is beyond their grasp. We noted that true peace can only truly be found in Jesus Christ. In today’s reading, Mark chapter 4 verses 35-41, we hear Him saying to His disciples, ‘Let us cross over to the other side’.. Crossing the Sea of Galilee was a daunting task, even for those who had done it on many occasions or were experienced fishermen, like some of the disciples. Violent storms could arise, with little warning, that could threaten lives. However, the disciples ought to have known that they would achieve their objective with Christ on board. He would never have allowed any single one of them to perish, if they obeyed His word.

In a very real sense He is inviting each one of us ‘to cross over to the other side’ of life with Him. We are ‘in the midst of a tossing and turning sea’ as we do so but the Bible promises us that ‘whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life’, John chapter 3 verse 16. The disciples believed that they were going to perish in the midst of the sea; however, there was absolutely no possibility of that happening. He had promised; therefore, they were totally secure. As the Creator of all things, He ‘rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Peace, be still!’

Personally, I am on a journey to heaven with the Lord Jesus and He has promised that I, along with millions of others, will ‘cross over to the other side’. I hope you are on the same journey!