Waiting For Comfort & Encouragement

For most people Christmas is impatiently waited for, but soon forgotten. For any untaught observer, it would appear as if the coming of Jesus was a one-day event, with no enduring significance. Christians know differently; indeed, they believe that His coming has an impact on their lives for eternity!

When Jesus was born, there was an elderly man in Jerusalem, who was ‘WAITING for the consolation ([encouragement / comfort) of Israel’, Luke chapter 2 verse 25. There was much in Jerusalem that could have discouraged him; however, he refused to be distracted and embraced God’s promise that there were brighter times ahead. It was not by chance that he entered the temple at the precise moment we meet him in Luke chapter 2 verses 25-35.

Simeon’s name means, ‘one who hears’. He listened to God by reading the Old Testament and received what He had to say. He learned about God’s Messiah and His plan of salvation. When Mary and Joseph brought Jesus into the temple at eight days of age, without a moment’s hesitation, Simeon took Him in his arms and declared Him to be ‘God’s salvation’, verse 30. He learned from the Old Testament that Christ would suffer and die for our sin. He even foresaw the time when Mary would stand at the cross of Jesus, verse 35. Simeon’s patient waiting for the birth of Jesus was richly rewarded. He had the privilege of embracing the child. God was also faithful to an earlier promise to him that he would not die until he had seen Christ, verse 26.

God has promised that those of us who trust Jesus as our Saviour from sin and patiently wait for Him to return, will see Him face to face in Heaven and be with Him for ever. ‘Christmas’ is, indeed, for more than a day!.

Do you value the One who came? Our greatest wish is for you to know Christ as Simeon did and have peace and confidence to face the future, even death, like Simeon. Please contact us and we will gladly send you a Bible. We will pray for you. Come back again for another Message of Hope.