Death – The way of no return!

We make many mistakes in our lives and are grateful, when we have the opportunity to go back and put them right. Jim Elliott, a missionary who died at the hands of a tribe to whom he took God’s message of salvation, once wrote, ‘It is a solemn thing to die, because if we die wrong, we cannot come back and die again’. Job, one of the great Bible characters, said, ‘For when a few years are finished, I SHALL GO THE WAY OF NO RETURN’, Job chapter 16 verse 22. Death is, indeed, a one-way journey.

Even William Shakespeare, the English playwright, referred to it as, ‘the undiscovered country from whose bourn (destination) no traveller returns’. Life is not a ‘trial run! We have only ‘a few years’, therefore, to get right with God, from whom our sin has separated us. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, so that we can take our ‘one-way journey’ safely and securely, with no prospect of facing His coming judgement of sinners. Indeed, when we reach heaven, we will not want to return here!

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