Don’t suppose about Christ’s birth!

It is interesting to observe in the Bible that whenever people SUPPOSED that they knew who Jesus was and why He had come, THEY WERE ALWAYS WRONG! We must always make sure that what we believe about Him is based on the Bible, rather than on our opinions.

Luke tells us, in his Gospel, that people SUPPOSED HE WAS THE SON OF JOSEPH, Luke chapter 3 verse 23. If their opinion was correct, He could never be our Saviour from sin; indeed, He could not have saved Himself, let alone us – a sinner cannot save a sinner! If He had been born like any other person, He would have been a sinner by nature and in need of God’s salvation. However, Luke reveals to us that God bypassed the mainstream of human sin, when He brought His Son the world: indeed, He was born of a virgin and of the Holy Spirit. Far from being born a sinner, HE WAS BORN HOLY, Luke chapter 1 verse 35; therefore, He was able to die for our sins on the cross and make it possible for each one of us to have forgiveness of sins and peace with God.

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