I would rule the world!

One of the greatest emperors in history was, of course, Napoleon Bonaparte. He was a great military leader and built up the French Empire to a phenomenal extent. He won battles through brilliant planning, strategy and daring. He was an inspiration to his soldiers and he gave France great glory. The European wars of those times were named after him, ‘The Napoleonic Wars’.

Those wars came to an abrupt and final stop at the battle of Waterloo. There the proud emperor and his army were defeated in one of the most costly battles in modern history. It is said that at the end of the battle there were over 40,000 men lying dead or wounded. The casualties were extremely high but the British led by the Duke of Wellington held the field and French domination was destroyed.

Napoleon surrendered and was sent into exile and eventually died on the island of St. Helena. One day he viewed a large map of Europe and pointed to Waterloo and said, “If it were not for that spot, I would rule the world”. He probably was not too far from the truth, because if he had won, the world of Europe would have had a very markedly different history.

It may be that Satan, that great enemy of our souls, would look at Calvary and as he views that place would say, “If it were not for that spot, I would rule the world.” That was the battle he lost when Christ died for our sins and in recognition of that victory rose again in triumph on the third day. He then ascended to be welcomed to the Father’s right side, the place of honour, in the glory and majesty of Heaven.

The Bible clearly states, “That through death He (Jesus) might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil” Hebrews chapter 2 verse 14. It reminds us that Satan is a defeated foe and has been conquered by our glorious Saviour. Our responsibility is to praise and worship God, for the victory of His once crucified Son, accomplished at the spot called Calvary.

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