Our greatest need?

In the New Testament Jesus said these words, “Your sins are forgiven you” Luke chapter 5 verse 20 and they brought wonderful comfort to the man who heard them. We also read in the New Testament, “And Jesus said unto her, Your sins are forgiven” Luke chapter7 verse 48 and the woman who received those words was greatly blessed.

These are the only two examples in the New Testament of Jesus telling people directly that their sins were forgiven, with one being male and the other female. God’s forgiveness is available to anyone whether man and woman, because we are all in the same spiritual condition of having sinned by breaking God’s commandments and therefore needing His forgiveness.

The man was a paralytic, while the woman was a prostitute. The paralysed man had no choice about his lifestyle because through accident, illness or birth defect he could not walk. His paralysed condition determined his way of life. Sadly, the lady had made a choice and for whatever reason had made a decision to sell her body for money. She had entered an immoral life-style and lived with the consequences of that choice. Thankfully, both received the Lord’s forgiveness.

The man was brought to Jesus by his friends, but the woman came alone. One had the support of caring companions, while the other was bitterly alone as no doubt no one wanted to be seen with her. Yet to both of them Jesus offered the wonderful spiritual blessing of forgiveness.

Many see the deepest need of people today as being truly and fully forgiven. The Gospel offers that blessing because Jesus died for our sins on the cross and took the punishment for our sins. The result is that He can offer forgiveness to all who will trust Him and receive Him into their lives. This offer is to men and women in whatever condition they find themselves. In the two instances the man became obedient to Jesus and the woman worshipped the Lord. The joy of forgiveness leads to a life of service, love and adoration to the One who provided it by dying for us and rising again. May that be the blessing for us.

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