Be wise – change your eternal destiny!

The final little, but wise, creatures that Solomon spoke of are THE LOCUSTS AND THE SPIDER (LIZARD). Of the LOCUSTS, he said, ‘The LOCUSTS have no king, yet they all advance in ranks’, Proverbs 30 verse 27. Although they are normally solitary creatures, under certain climatic conditions, they change their behaviour and are seen in organised swarms. In this way, they become highly effective and quickly consume vast areas of vegetation.

They remind us that, as individuals, we are powerless, ineffective and insignificant in this world; nevertheless, once we are saved from our sin through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we join a vast company of ‘changed individuals’, who know that their sins are forgiven and they are destined for heaven. Christians, like the swarms of locusts, have no visible leader on earth, because the Lord Jesus is now in heaven. However, He has promised to return and take all those who have trusted Him to be with Him in His ‘Father’s house’ (heaven), forever, John chapter 14 verses 2-3. Like the poisonous SPIDER (LIZARD}, who ‘grasps with its hands and it is in kings’ palaces’, Proverbs chapter 30 verse 28, it is the wise sinner who grasps, by faith, the salvation God offers through Him. BE WISE – CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOUR AND ETERNAL DESTINY!

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