Light in the prison!

During the 1st century, the apostle Peter was imprisoned by Herod the king for his Christian faith. A remarkable thing happened to him one night, when he was sleeping and chained to two soldiers. An angel stood by him, a light shone in the darkness of his prison cell, his chains fell off and he was free, Acts chapter 12 verses 5-10!

I am not suggesting that any one of us can expect an experience like this! However, the Bible teaches us that we are born, in a spiritual sense, in a ‘prison cell’ – we are prisoners to sin and Satan’s power. No matter how hard we try, we cannot break free from this ‘prison’. Nevertheless, what we cannot achieve, God has made possible by sending His Son to set us free.

Jesus said that He had come ‘to proclaim liberty to the captives’, Luke chapter 4 verse 18. He died on the cross to take the judgement for our sin, so that we could be set free. Light can shine in ‘the darkened cell’ of your heart, if you trust Him as your Saviour. He said, ‘Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed’, John chapter 8 verse 36.

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