John 3:16

The great American preacher Dwight Moody came to Britain in the nineteenth century and conducted services with thousands in attendance, which had a big impact upon many people. He was the outstanding evangelist of his day. A young man came up to him one day and stated that God had told him that he would go to Moody’s home church in Chicago to preach. Moody was unimpressed by this seemingly inconsequential youth. Yet some time later there he was on Moody’s doorstep in Chicago. It happened that Moody was just about to leave on a preaching tour, but he called his church leaders together and hastily arranged a meeting at the church for this youth to preach.

When Moody returned he was surprised to learn that the youth had preached every evening to a full church and had only used one text, namely the verse John 3.16. Each service he had drawn from the depth of Scripture to illustrate and amplify this verse which electrified the audience. Moody sat to listen and discovered new insight which changed the course of his ministry and made it even more powerfully effective than it had been up to that time.

The youth, the boy preacher of England, Henry Moorhouse insisted that God loves sinners, even though He hates their sin. Moody had believed that God hates sinners because of their sin and only when they are forgiven does God love them. The joy of knowing that God loves us despite our sin, failures and disobedience should encourage and bless us. There is nothing that we can do which would make God love us, because He always does. Let’s thank Him for such wonderful love and respond to it with devotion and faith.

For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John chapter 3 verse 16.

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