‘Father Forgive’

We cannot begin to imagine the feelings of God the Father in heaven, when wicked men took His only Son, Jesus Christ, and crucified Him. It is true that He sent Him to die for our sins, so that He might be able to forgive the sins of all who trust Him as Saviour; however, the treatment meted out to Him was beyond belief. They rejected, scourged, mocked Him, and then nailed Him to a cross.

By any human reasoning, Jesus would have been justified in calling on God to pour out His wrath upon them; however, amazingly, we hear Him cry, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do,’ Luke chapter 23 verse 34. Far from seeking vengeance, he called for forgiveness. He knew the Roman soldiers were acting in ignorance as to who they were abusing; they did not know they were crucifying the Son of God, the Lord of Glory. The Father answered His prayer and, mercifully, judgement was withheld at that particular time. However, we must not think this excused their ignorance; ultimately, they will face eternal judgement, if they did not trust Christ. Beware, so will we! We can still find grace at the cross of Christ.

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