All is Forgiven!

This statement is made countless times every day throughout the world, almost always with reference to a specific wrong that we have committed against another. However, when we read the Bible we discover a God that, genuinely, does forgive ALL our sins. King David, Israel’s most famous king, wrote, ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: Who FORGIVES ALL your iniquities’, Psalm 103 verse 3; therefore, he, personally, prayed to God, ‘FORGIVE ALL my sins’, Psalm 25 verse 18.

We live in a constantly changing world; yet, God never changes. The Bible teaches us that each one of us is a sinner, by nature and by practice. Nevertheless, if we turn to God and acknowledge this fact, He will ‘FORGIVE ALL our iniquities’; past, present and future! He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, who had no sins to forgive, to die on the cross to take the judgement for our sin. Trust Him as your Saviour and you will know for all eternity that ‘ALL IS FORGIVEN’!

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