Keep your distance

At the beginning of this pandemic we were told to socially distance ourselves from one another. This seems to have been changed to a requirement for physical distancing – a significant alteration in terminology. For social distance, isolation, quarantine, or separation are possibly worse for our overall health than the disease they are touted to prevent.

The 2012 London Marathon was won in just over 2 hours by Wilson Kiprotich from Kenya. However, there was another winner that day. Simone Clarke was also running that event despite suffering 20 epileptic seizures en route, each one accompanied by 30 seconds of unconsciousness. But Simone had running with her a friend named Tally who caught her every time she fell and helped her back on her feet to run again. After 6 ½ hours Simone and Tally crossed the finish line, raising a princely sum for her charity. Simone gratefully gave her friend credit for their astonishing accomplishment.

We too need friends to run, walk, sit beside us. The Friend who will never leave you, never disappoint you, never break a promise is the Lord Jesus Christ.

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