Peace Preached!

Many people have preached and offered lasting peace to men and women but they have been unable to deliver it. The refreshing message of the Bible is that God, in the Person of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, has visited this restless world and ‘preached peace to you who were far off’ Ephesians chapter 2 verse 17. Our sinful nature, with which we were born, means that there is a great distance between us and God; indeed, we are so ‘far off’ that we could not possibly be further! Left to ourselves, we are helpless, ‘having no hope and without God in the world’ Ephesians chapter 2 verse 12.

Naturally speaking, true peace is totally outside of our grasp; however, what we could not achieve, Christ has done for us. He not only ‘preached peace’ but He died on the cross to take the judgement for our sin and, thereby, made it possible for us, through faith in Him, to have ‘peace with God’ Romans chapter 5 verse 1.

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