Fire Up!

The story is told about one of the critical situations which faced Napoleon and his army. The Russian enemy was across a frozen lake – a lake which would provide a perfect path straight to him and his exhausted troops. Napoleon first ordered his men to fire at the ice to destroy their access, but the balls just skittered harmlessly across the ice. At once Napoleon changed his order, “Fire up!” As the balls came down on the frozen water, the added force broke up the ice, destroying the enemy’s hope of victory.

Today we all face many enemies – not nationalities but the enemies of fear, anxiety, hopelessness, need, panic, despair, depression. Many have attempted to solve these crises using man-made or self-help resources. Perhaps these efforts have met with little effect in solving the need. For lasting help for this and indeed for all of the crises of life, we too need to look up – to “fire up” our prayers to the God in heaven who is able to answer, who has all power and wisdom, and better still, who wants to hear our prayers.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you’ James chapter 4 verse 8.

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