True love

There may be times in life when we think that no one cares about us. Family may have gone, we don’t know our neighbours, friends may have grown distant and it all seems so lonely, pointless and hopeless. At such times we need to remember that God’s love for us is unconditional even though He knows all about us. People may turn from us if they knew all our dark secrets but God never does. His love is limitless, immeasurable and free and it is important not to ignore it but to embrace it.

During the American Civil War a young man was called up to fight on the northern side soon after he was engaged to marry a beautiful girl, the love of his life. They wrote to each other every day and it was always a relief that he had come through the latest battle or skirmish unscathed. Unfortunately, after the Battle of the Wilderness she received a letter written by a friend on his behalf and in the letter it said, “I have been severely wounded and I have had both arms amputated. I realise that you will not want to marry an amputee and I release you from the engagement. I hope you find someone and be happy. I love you very much.”

She did not reply to that letter but boarded the next train which went near the battlefield and eventually walked to the fields where the wounded were in tents. She searched until she found her fiancé and went to him, put her arms around his neck and said, “I will never give you up. These hands of mine will help you. I will take care of you.” She showed wonderful, sacrificial love for a fiancé who loved her but God’s love is greater. He loves those who hate Him, who blaspheme His name, who claim not to believe in Him, who break His laws and commandments and that includes all of us. In love He sacrificed His Son for us on the cross that through faith in Christ we could be forgiven and enjoy eternal life.

I pray we have all experienced the wonderful love of God and we give Him thanks for such love today.

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