Dashed hopes

There were a couple who lived in fear of an atomic attack and the resulting fall-out of radiation. They realised that a nuclear device detonated many miles away could prove lethal and also, they feared what a domestic nuclear facility could cause if mistakes were made and things went wrong. So, they decided to look for a safe place, a place of peace and security.

They studied maps and used computer models and found the place with the least likelihood of danger from nuclear war, conventional war or accidents from nuclear power stations. The place, according to all available evidence, were a couple of islands in the Southern Hemisphere. So, they moved there from the United States in the early eighties and wrote to their friends back home ‘that they had moved to the most peaceful place on earth’.

Unfortunately, they had moved to the Falkland Islands and just a few weeks later Argentinean forces invaded. They had to endure invasion, occupation and the retaking of those islands by the British Task Force. Instead of peace they found war. Instead of tranquility and safety they found violence and death. Instead of security they found danger. Their illusions were shattered and their hopes were dashed.

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