Not worthy?

There is a very real sense in which we should approach God in humility, with no arrogance or foolish personal pride. He is the great one and we are simply those who are privileged to approach Him through Jesus Christ His Son. We are utterly insignificant when compared with the greatness and glory of God.

A college girl who was studying music visited the home (now a museum) of the composer Beethoven. She slipped under the rope and began playing Beethoven’s piano. The curator approached her and she said, “I suppose every musician who comes here wants to play this piano.” He explained that recently the world famous pianist, Paderewski had visited and was urged to play Beethoven’s piano. Paderewski replied, “No, I do not feel worthy to play the great master’s piano.” I don’t know how that girl felt or how she responded, but I should think that she was chastened and left a little more thoughtful than she entered. She could not compare with the great Paderewski, never mind Beethoven.

Similarly, we need a sober assessment of ourselves as fallible, finite human beings who are prone to mistakes and sins. We make our own contribution to the failures of mankind and add our little bit to the general misery found on earth today. Yet the great, infallible, infinite God loves us and demonstrated his love in His Son, Jesus Christ. “But God demonstrated His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” Romans chapter 5 verse 8.

All who believe in Christ, acknowledging their need of Him will be saved and be secure for all eternity. Swallow pride and accept in humble faith the Saviour and His love, especially in these anxious times of Covid-19.

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