An Unchanging Saviour

Covid-19 has emphasised the fact that we live in a constantly changing world. Many things change for the worse, they wear out, breakdown, disintegrate and decline with very little being stable or changing for the better. Someone has written, ‘I am sick of this everlasting change’. Yet the ability to change and be different is one of the great gifts the Creator has bestowed upon us, but so often we instinctively want to cling to what is familiar.

The Gospel message insists that there can be change for the better and is summarised in ‘Repent and believe’. To repent means to change one’s direction, attitude, outlook, behaviour, motives, belief and thought processes. It means to leave the self-centred ways of sin and fully yield in total devotion to Christ. Only then can we be made good enough to dwell in the presence of God. Only then are we cleansed and made pure enough for the glorious life of Heaven.

Yet at the heart of our existence and world is one great unchanging God as He is the eternal permanence. His character remains the same, His eternal purposes never vary, and ‘He is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ Therefore, our Saviour can be relied upon and we can always reach out for Him as the one who always keeps His promises.

It is such a blessing to know the unchanging God and experience the most wonderful transformation that the Saviour gives to those who believe on Him.

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