Tempo giusto – the right tempo

When my children were learning to play the piano, they had to learn what the composer wanted his piece to sound like – what tempo he wanted, what mood he wanted conveyed. Some pieces were in a minor key, their slow tempo creating a sense of sadness or suffering or lament. If the composer chose the tempo allegro, he wants the musician to play the piece in a lively manner. Andante means it is to be played at a walking pace. A few Italian composers have used the notation of tempo giusto. This translates as “the right tempo,” and it is a steady 66-76 beats per minute on the metronome – the same as the beats per minute of the normal human heart.

Perhaps one benefit that may be found in these days of restricted activity and limited social contact is the opportunity to lay aside our tendency to live at a prestissimo tempo – extremely fast – and to find joy and refreshment in our own tempo giusto – a slower, more normal, just-right pace. Jesus says in Matthew chapter 11 verse 28, “Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

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