Reliable Truth

Covid-19 has caused deep anxiety and awareness of human fragility. The need is for a solid foundation for faith as we look to the future. Thankfully such a blessing is nearby.

London’s British Museum owns an ancient copy of the Bible known as Codex Sinaiticus. Tischendorf, a German, discovered it in St. Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai in 1844. The Czar of Russia obtained it but later the Soviet government sold it to the British Museum in 1933 for £100,000.

This copy of the New Testament was written approximately 250 years after the New Testament was completed. That seemingly long gap when compared with other works from the ancient world pales into insignificance. The earliest copy of Caesar’s ‘the Gallic Wars’ date from 1,000 years after it was written, while Aristotle’s works are 1,400 years and Plato’s 1,200 years after their completion. As those copies are accepted as authentic, then even more so must the Codex.

The Codex is not an isolated copy of Scripture, as there are over 5000 ancient copies of the Greek New Testament and many translations, such as the Latin Vulgate. God has preserved His Word and we can confidently read the Bible as the authentic Holy Scriptures. God says, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but My words shall never pass away” Mark’s gospel chapter 13 verse 31 and “The Word of the Lord endures forever” 1 Peter chapter 1 verse 25. The Bible may be criticised but its integrity has never been invalidated nor its truth undermined.

Preserved versions like Codex Sinaiticus remind us that we can trust God’s Word and its message can give us the security of salvation, forgiveness and eternal life.

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