Holding on!

In the tsunami of 2004, a mother named Maria Belons and her son found themselves sucked under into the debris filled water and drowning.  Maria was finally able to grab onto a tree, allowing her to surface. In the darkness she called out to her son.  Miraculously he was alive but also struggling against the forces of the raging water.  Exhausted they found each other, clung together, and survived.

What we hold on to for our hope in times of crisis is of critical importance.  Perhaps we have been accustomed to clinging for hope to our bank accounts, or our health, or our job security or our success.  But in times like these we might find those resources meaningless or woefully inadequate – mocking our misplaced trust. Jesus said, Do not let your hearts be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me John’s Gospel chapter 14 verse 1. Those who have clung to (placed their faith in) Jesus Christ have a solid hope that will never let them down.

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