Come Near

The coronavirus has dramatically transformed the ‘landscape’ of this country. Every aspect of life has been affected; even the language has changed! The ‘Get Brexit done’ slogan has been replaced with, ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’. We are entering into the unchartered waters of lengthy separation and isolation.
Many are wondering when they will see their loved ones face to face again.  

It is our prayer that through the mist of doubt, fear and uncertainty, people will consider another aspect of self-isolation, i.e. their self-isolation from God. Ever since sin entered into God’s world, they have distanced themselves from Him. However, the message of hope in the Bible is that He has not distanced Himself from us. He has visited this world in the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ, who came to die for our sins on the cross to bring us back to God.

The Bible offers us this invitation: Draw near to God and He will draw near to you James chapter 4 verse 8.

Herein is sure and certain hope! Will you draw near?

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